Kinopio is a set of Unity tools for creating 3D platforming games. Kinopio contains reusable platforming obstacbles like climbable poles, springs, gravity zones as well as a tight kinematic character controller. While not used in any commercial games, nor is the project open source, it was an excellent project for learning how to create scalable architecture within games.

Kinopio’s core controller is based on an master state machine that can be extended for more movement states. Every action from the state machine also emits an event; meaning that a JumpEvent is emitted every time the character jumps. This allows for things like Mario 3D World style “jump switches.”

Maybe one day I’ll build a whole game off of Kinopio, but for now the project is something I’m proud of. I’m happy to share a demo if you’re interested!

While building Kinopio, I used tools like Unity and C#.