Stax Payments

Stax is a payment processing company that doesn’t charge a percentage of each transaction. Stax provides a full set of financial tools for a flat monthly fee. I joined Stax in August 2022 to lead the the mobile team. Stax provides mobile applications to businesses to allow them to accept payments. We also create native Android, iOS, and embedded SDKs for application developers to create their own mobile apps for their businesses and accept payments.

Credit card companies charge businesses something called “interchange.” In simpler words “the fee for using a credit card.” Other companies like Stripe, Square and Toast, charge a higher percentage of each transaction to cover the interchange fee for the merchant and skim a little off the top. Stax only charges business interchange plus a monthly fee; saving merchants tons of money on credit card fees.

Some of the tools I use daily at Stax include Kotlin, Swift, and TypeScript.